Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Bornt Day to Me

Today I turn 36 years old, and have a secret to tell!

Telling family and friends about a pregnancy is a big deal even at 36 years old. Keeping this secret is do-wack-a-do.

Today was not the day to do so tho...

Instead I watched Revenge which is getting so crazy wild, zoinkies! Caught up with some messages from friends & family then I had to renew my drivers license, getting a new pic which I despise doing. My last DL pic was taken on my bday as well, yeah its a tradition, and I thought having piggy tails would be super cute but hell no I looked like a linebacker freakazoid.This years pic is not much better for I had gum in my mouth and was trying to put in in my cheek when he took the pic. Dang. Needless to say I look ridiculous yet he said "Good pic" then pushed me along to wait for the shiny new DL with a good pic on it....liar. 

Ate dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant Mangos, had a cheesy chicken & mushroom taco plate which seriously rocked but I quickly felt like shit after as we were browsing through books at Barnes & Nobles yet we still had to hit up Petco for litter uuugh. Then again I seem to feel sick a lot now, always after I eat but mostly it's a 24/7 thing so far. #@!% you "Morning Sickness" you're seriously affecting my day to day tasks :( 

On a good note I finished off the night with the finale of The Walking Dead followed up by Talking Dead. A-MAZING ending can not wait till season 6. Listed a couple new tie dye tees quick too.

Got some swell gifts this groovy bornt day!
My man got my Burberry Brit sheer toilette spray and I love it so, perfect for spring and a change of scent from my usual Burberry Brit parfum which is more winter scented. Scored a target gift card and a gift certificate for a local salon which I needed badly! Haven't gotten a hair cut in well over a year and my last cut was layered crap so I can't wait to even this shit out already.

All in all it was a damn good birthday day!
Thank you

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