Monday, April 27, 2015

Sore Boobs

One of the joyful pains I've been experiencing since March are sore boobs.

Yeeouchy mc-youch and WTH...yea, it's amazing how a woman's breasts can load up with milk to nourish a baby that has grown inside of them. Maybe too amazing so I suppose it's gotta hurt a bit. 

Never forget the worst horror from my first pregnancy back in 1995 while experiencing super rock hard boobies for WEEKS after giving birth since I didn't breastfeed. Heck, I wasn't even informed about a pill that's available to dry up the breast milk to prevent this agony. As a result of my lack of knowledge back then I ended up having plenty stretch marks on my tiny little boobs when I was 16. This time around I'm giving breast feeding or at least a breast pump a try even though it makes me a wee bit nervous thinking about it. Just need to get more informed.

Also the situation of leaking breast milk out your boobs whenever, where ever & always at the wrong times was seriously a hassle! Thank goodness for the simple nursing pads back then, now you can get organic cotton or bamboo ones on amazon or some fun handmade one of a kind reusable ones on Etsy!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Finding a OB/GYN

Not a very fun part about being pregnant but important.

So, this whole OB/GYN searching thing is making my head hurt, haven't had to think about anything like this for the past 20 years and boy have things changed! Options like doulas, midwives, natural home birth, water birth or delivering in a private birthing center are everywhere. Oh boy.

Pretty sure I'm sticking with the trusty hospital delivery, but I'm bringing my own rad birthing gown this time, maybe lol. My 16 year old photos of me in the raggedy hospital provided gown are cute but yuck! 

December 5th, 1995

I've asked a few friends of mine for recommendations and the choice was unanimous for one female ob/gyn with some pretty groovy vibes surrounding her. Excellent! That was pretty easy, and one of those girls had just had a baby with the doc and all went wonderfully.

Scheduling an appointment soon...

Ahhh its so real, and happening all around me so much these days. My 19 year old son's cousin is having a new baby boy any day now too! Eeeeks, I've yet to tell them or my son the big news. I've messaged them and said I'll be calling soon. They use to live in Hawaii & now Colorado and things have been a bit distant since they all moved away from North Dakota sadly, but I do keep in touch with many messages. His aunt is the best! Thanks Shanny <3

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sleeping is something I've had issues with in the past but the past 2+ years I'd gotten on a pretty good program with my super early mornings replenishment job. Now it's all changed back to kooky sleep patterns along with sporadic napping.

I feel much better after midnight up until around 5 am, then I'll feel like crap the rest of the hours sleeping or awake. Been trying to get things listed in my Tie Dye Etsy Shop since I've got tons of colorful goods to share, been sitting on them through out the winter so things have piled up. I take photos outside, its hard in the winter and not many get taken then. I just stick to buying & dying merchandise while doing the rest in the spring & summer. So I'm a wee bit BUSY now and have no time for sleeping and napping all day. Luckily I can stay up late and list stuff, works perfectly until I run out of photographed merchandise.

Sure it's normal to feel more tired then usual when your expecting but I would like to find a nice handful of some natural remedy's that could help me stay awake when I need to be and help me sleep when necessary. You tube here I come...

Any tips?

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dad Knows

So it's the day before Easter Sunday and I haven't seen my Dad since December 2014 so I'm hanging out at his house today! 

On top of the cards and thoughtful gifts they even got me a yummy chocolate birthday cake with yellow flowers and green vines on it decorated with purple designs, so cute! I was craving some cake badly, it had butter cream frosting so it wasn't super sweet. Drooling still.

It went quickly....

My Dad & his family are such wonderful people even though I haven't been the closest to them for a while. I'm super blessed to have them around.

When I was 16 I had lost my virginity and gotten pregnant, cheated on and dumped all in a matter of 8 months. My Mom had me at 18 and my Dad was 21, they never married and I don't remember them ever being together since I was born. We all had children young and there was many struggles endured. Should of learned a lesson from them but didn't and now I was on a journey of my own as a single, 16 and pregnant, high school drop out case. There was no reality shows back then to make me lamely famous and this was not a cool trend to start doing, hell it was embarrassing and super scary! People looked down on me and things started falling apart with school, my Mother and the unborn babies father's family causing me to be in the middle of all the fighting. It was depressing already that I was dumped while pregnant, now I had to deal with grown adults battling with each other every day. I was lost and slowly started ignoring everyone, even my Dad. Since then things have been distant but he's always been there for me and I know he always will.

Honestly I wasn't planning on telling my Dad today but they had gotten a bottle of bubbly to celebrate my belated birthday and even gave me my old Christmas gifts lol (yes, I haven't seen them in a while my bad). I just couldn't think of a good excuse of why I wouldn't be drinking it with them....minus the truth so I did it.  

I told my Dad he's gonna be a grandpa again! 

This time around I will make sure things are different. We're not getting any younger and I need to stop being so distant and start enjoying a family life again. My younger sister is getting married too! Was planned for September 2015 but luckily they postponed it for next year. This was also something I was worried about telling my sis and Dad cause HELLO, I would be 7 month preggo for the wedding and I was a bridesmaid in it hahahaha ahhhhhhuugggh I was feeling super bad that that would cause issues but now I'm so relieved it's not till 2016. PHEWza.

Bullet dodged and I'll even have an extra +1 attending then!