Monday, April 13, 2015

Finding a OB/GYN

Not a very fun part about being pregnant but important.

So, this whole OB/GYN searching thing is making my head hurt, haven't had to think about anything like this for the past 20 years and boy have things changed! Options like doulas, midwives, natural home birth, water birth or delivering in a private birthing center are everywhere. Oh boy.

Pretty sure I'm sticking with the trusty hospital delivery, but I'm bringing my own rad birthing gown this time, maybe lol. My 16 year old photos of me in the raggedy hospital provided gown are cute but yuck! 

December 5th, 1995

I've asked a few friends of mine for recommendations and the choice was unanimous for one female ob/gyn with some pretty groovy vibes surrounding her. Excellent! That was pretty easy, and one of those girls had just had a baby with the doc and all went wonderfully.

Scheduling an appointment soon...

Ahhh its so real, and happening all around me so much these days. My 19 year old son's cousin is having a new baby boy any day now too! Eeeeks, I've yet to tell them or my son the big news. I've messaged them and said I'll be calling soon. They use to live in Hawaii & now Colorado and things have been a bit distant since they all moved away from North Dakota sadly, but I do keep in touch with many messages. His aunt is the best! Thanks Shanny <3

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