Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sleeping is something I've had issues with in the past but the past 2+ years I'd gotten on a pretty good program with my super early mornings replenishment job. Now it's all changed back to kooky sleep patterns along with sporadic napping.

I feel much better after midnight up until around 5 am, then I'll feel like crap the rest of the hours sleeping or awake. Been trying to get things listed in my Tie Dye Etsy Shop since I've got tons of colorful goods to share, been sitting on them through out the winter so things have piled up. I take photos outside, its hard in the winter and not many get taken then. I just stick to buying & dying merchandise while doing the rest in the spring & summer. So I'm a wee bit BUSY now and have no time for sleeping and napping all day. Luckily I can stay up late and list stuff, works perfectly until I run out of photographed merchandise.

Sure it's normal to feel more tired then usual when your expecting but I would like to find a nice handful of some natural remedy's that could help me stay awake when I need to be and help me sleep when necessary. You tube here I come...

Any tips?

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