Monday, April 27, 2015

Sore Boobs

One of the joyful pains I've been experiencing since March are sore boobs.

Yeeouchy mc-youch and WTH...yea, it's amazing how a woman's breasts can load up with milk to nourish a baby that has grown inside of them. Maybe too amazing so I suppose it's gotta hurt a bit. 

Never forget the worst horror from my first pregnancy back in 1995 while experiencing super rock hard boobies for WEEKS after giving birth since I didn't breastfeed. Heck, I wasn't even informed about a pill that's available to dry up the breast milk to prevent this agony. As a result of my lack of knowledge back then I ended up having plenty stretch marks on my tiny little boobs when I was 16. This time around I'm giving breast feeding or at least a breast pump a try even though it makes me a wee bit nervous thinking about it. Just need to get more informed.

Also the situation of leaking breast milk out your boobs whenever, where ever & always at the wrong times was seriously a hassle! Thank goodness for the simple nursing pads back then, now you can get organic cotton or bamboo ones on amazon or some fun handmade one of a kind reusable ones on Etsy!

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