Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pregnancy Cravings - Pickles & Sandwiches

Since I was a wee one the amazing pickle was always my food of choice. Only dill or kosher ones tho, no sweet, sour or butter crappy mc-crap flavors. Why ruin the awesome flavor of a pickle if you don't need to, that's just pure crazyness! 

Normally a dill of any kind would tickle my pickle taste buds but this year I've found that the cold Claussen mini kosher dill ones, only found in the fridge section by the deli meats, are definitely my favorites! A little spendy for pickles but once you try them you may never buy another kind. As a back up I also buy the dill hamburger slices to put on my sandwiches. Cutting up a Claussen for each sandwich gets way expensive since I bombard my food with tons of pickles so I have to compromise...yet have more pickles in the fridge as well, yeaaaaaa!

Totally on a HUGE sandwich kick lately, an abnormal one I'd say. After I had been eating a turkey sandwich every single day since March I now find out I shouldn't be eating deli meat when pregnant?! Whaaaaa. Well, oops. Guess I didn't realize the deli meat needed to be heated up but heck. Too late now. 

Does this mean good bye Subway & Jimmy Johns
Probably not....

Now I'm totally into egg sandwiches with cheese and sometimes some fried salami slices. Hey, I heated up the meat so it's gotta be legit huh? Of course some healthy stuff like greek yogurt and bananas, grapes or apples are eaten with these sandwiches but my love for bread with yummy-ness inside is stronger then ever.

Now this is WINNING Mr. Charlie Sheen....

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