Sunday, May 17, 2015

Morning Sickness Blues

Hello world! 

 It's been awhile since my last post, been having some crummy morning sickness making me very lazy and crabby at times. My body has become super picky about what it wants me to eat and what it absolutely forbids me to eat. Of course everything I love it hates. Big bummer for the local Mexican restaurants lol! Sandwiches, fruits, some veggies & Tutti Frutti are luckily the main foods I can eat these days without feeling like I live in a bathroom. Oh, and pickles make me belly happy still, thank my goddess!!!

 Things could be worse I suppose and I've actually lost some fat off my flabby pre-pregnant areas so heck! Of course I give in to a chicken chalupa here and there and just deal with the horrid aftermath of my poor decision but it's sooo worth it, I love me a damn chalupa and it provides a decent amount of protein & iron for my diet but yea, not healthy! Yes, Taco Bell is the provider....sorry, so nom nom nommy....

 Actually been having many wicked bouts of morning sickness (or should I say 22/7 sickness, I'll give it 2hrs off everyday) since March but can honestly say I've only experienced a little queezyness here and there with my first pregnancy 20 years ago. I also was at the ripe age of 16 and in way better shape then now so maybe it's my destiny to experience this wonderful pregnancy side effect to the fullest this time around, just to be fair to other Mothers who have and are currently going through the same Morning Sickness Blues of course. 

But whyyyy???

 My mans 33rd Birthday is today and guess what?! I feel icky-poo :(
His wonderful parents who still have no idea we are with child are taking him out to eat at Red Lobster, of course I stayed home with a "stomach bug" as told to the parents lol. Almost correct, technically a "Stomach Bundle" but shhhhhhhh, it's still a secret! (Long story about why we haven't broke the news yet. You'll have to wait for an upcoming blog post.) Was looking forward to eating the grilled salmon there, so darn tootin' good and I rarely get to eat salmon so it was a major let down on my bodies behalf. Can't believe they have a recipe on their website for it, I'll have to try & whip it up at home, or make my man give it a whirl he does cook better then me and yes I did just write that!

To sum it up, this is what it's like these days, eating foods & not knowing how I'll feel from that, drinking water like crazy, peeing - I kid you not - almost every 20 minutes, sleeping, not sleeping & watching Everwood. Yea ~ don't laugh it rocks & I'm definitely in love with Dr. Andy Brown

Oh the joys!

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