Sunday, June 14, 2015

Feeling Movements in Me Belly

One part I know I loved with my first pregnancy and have been looking forward to is feeling the amazing movements of the baby inside me & finally the day has come! 

Wee baby foot thats starting to thump me belly!

Feels like gas and weird butterflies flying around in your tummy or perhaps a fish doing flip flops in there lol. Amazing feeling, and makes this pregnancy even more real then it ever has been so far. The ultrasound was a kick into reality of what is to be but feeling the movements is a soon to be everyday reminder, along with an expanding belly! Makes me forget about the crappy morning sickness I'd been going through the first trimester +

Still haven't officially announced our pregnancy to all, I'm not sure why I'm putting it off and making everyone wait for this exciting news. Making some tie dye tees to snap a fun & memorable photo announcement for that in July. I need to get busy like NOW, just been so t-i-r-e-d still!

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