Thursday, June 11, 2015

First OB/GYN Appointment & Ultrasound - 18 Weeks Pregnant

I had to re-schedule my first official OB appointment last month to TODAY! It's been making me so nervous waiting an extra month to go to the doctor since I have clearly put it off for many many months. Bad girl. Had some issues with my insurance that had been holding me back & what a pain that all became. 

Was super nervous and totally forgot what I was in store for so things went semi smoothly. First off I could not pee in that cup much. Spaced the peeing in a cup part out completely even tho you do it each darn OB visit. Derrrrr. Note taken for next time, hydrate up! Weighed in at 200 lbs. (Normally I weight 190 - 195) Only met a few nurses today, will be meeting my actual Doctor next time. Had to go through all the "Fun" girl check-up stuff, STD testing and get my blood drawn which for some reason I was a wee bit scared of but ended up not feeling a thing luckily. To top it off & to my surprise...

I got my first ultrasound done too! 

The face & profile pics are so scary honestly...Yikes!
Looks similar to Gages ultrasound back in 1995.

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