Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Telling The Parents

 So the day had come to finally give Jason's Mom and Dad the big news and we made it pretty special to them in a big way!

His Mom had retired not to long ago and his Dad had just retired as well so we made a cute little retirement card for them to share the big news over dinner. Took forever to get the perfect wording and had it all laid out on my print shop program, but I couldn't print it out straight or centered on the greeting card for the life of me. Uggggh I seriously wasted around 6 cards trying to do it, ahhhhh. It was pissing me off soooo much I just had to give up after the printer ran out of ink. No lie! Looking back it's funny now but I was so fuming mad that I couldn't even print out a simple front and inside - word only mind you - card for them. 


Ended up hand writing it and STILL was screwing it up, like 3 more times! Dang nab musta been nervous. Finally I got a decent one with no misspelled words or lack of space for the rest of a word...then to top the card off we put the profile ultrasound picture it it for them!

Inside news!

I thought it was clever as heck and something to remember always, wish I would of got a pic of his Moms reaction. Doh. Needless to say they were excited for this is gonna be their first grandchild!

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