Monday, June 22, 2015

Weird Dreams

This pregnacy side effect was a bit weird to comprehend or even believe when I heard about it but low and behold I am experiencing it in full technicolor! 

I didn't bother writing down all my weird dreams at first just telling my man about the oddness when I had woke. Now I'm finally writing some of them down to share with ya'll cause dang, some are really zany lol!

Dream #1
First one I remember was Jason & I drove my red 99 VW beetle to the movie theater for a date night which ended up being anything but that. We were watching the movie which was so lame and very off and the whole theater was like WTF?! Then some people came out into the audience and were sitting by people and fucking with them. Like a girl came and sat by people by us and was trying to get one of us to give her a hickey. I tried to shake it off and just thought damn some people are wanked! Then another dude came out and was trying to get us to smoke weed outta a pipe in the theater! Ahhh I took it away and went to my car to hide the pipe in the wheel well. It was so crazy, lol. Finally the film crew came out and told us this was all a prank, the odd movie playing, slutty girl and dope smoker tricks which were being filmed for a documentary on how people react. WTF is right and why did I hide a weed pipe in my car. That's just stupid...

Dream #2
Jason and I were trapped in a room in a house we shared with my friend Amelia and her husband. Who trapped us I have no idea but we couldn't get out at all and had been in there for a few days. I had had a newborn baby at the time and things were getting low so Jason was once again trying to find a way out and finally did! He told me to stay in the room while he managed to get Amelia and her husband Dave out of their rooms, then the two guys went off to make sure the house was free of our kidnapper/trapper. Sadly they got murdered and Amelia & I were so sad and freaked the hell out! She decided to run for it and got killed as well while I took the baby and ran the other way getting outside to my 18 wheeler. Yep I drove an 18 wheeler for some reason lol. I was having a hard time getting into the semi with the baby and everything and saw the killer coming for me FAST! To my amazement Woody Harrelson came to my rescue and got me in the semi safe and sound while killing the killer. Then we drove off into the sunset. He was my hero <3

Dream #3
I had been an invisible witness to multiple murders in a trailer court. It's like I was right there with them when they were killing people in their own trailer but they couldn't see me. Every room was filthy and crowded and some had dead bodies in them like they were stocking up or something. To be perfectly honest I've been watching a lot of horror movies and started watching Criminal Minds from season 1 so it doesn't surprise me to have these messed up dreams but dang they seem so real! lol Maybe I should lay off the horror flicks and such....

Dream #4
While attending a school of some sort I was having issues with the woman in charge and she was treating me very unfair at times. Everyone else could take the elevator to top floors but I only was allowed to take the loooong stairs which was tiring holding books and shit. Then one day outside while playing catch a ball hit a dudes head and part of his skull came off unveiling a monster face underneath, he died and we buried him in a deep hole that was being dug to put a post in. That was that, no questions asked, no cops or ambulance called, nothing. I was wigged out and decided to break free from the school that night by jumping a tall fence. I got away and ran like the dickens into the country. After a few miles of running I saw cop lights by the fence I jumped and figured they realized I got free so I kept running more until I got into a small town. Out of the blue the cops caught up to me but I hid in a house nearby. Looking out the window I saw a truck crash into another car and the truck driver died, then an alien came out from the sky to the scene. Without being seen I snuck into the dead truck drivers vehicle and drove off to another town and went through a drive-thru to get some dinner. Yep that was that. WTF?!

The dreams are so intense that I often find myself drooling on my pillow when awakening!

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