Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pregnancy Cravings - Cherries

Had a MEGA cherry craving and found a simple recipe to make a homemade Cherry Pie which turned out so damn good eaten hot or cold! And yes, I sang Warrant's "Cherry Pie" the whole damn time!

Cute stars hid all my melted lattice mistakes

Honestly I've never made a cherry pie and quite frankly didn't think I even liked cherry pie but boy was I wrong, unless the pregnancy is making me like things I never have. Either way...YUMMO. 

Started off by pitting those dang cherries which did suck and was very messy. I tried doing it with a paperclip since I saw a video of someone doing it real quick & easy like but yea, it didn't work that way for me so I just smashed the buggers and made a mess in the process.

Messy & stained my hands

Making the filling was super easy but I did have to stir it for a long time until it got thick & gooey, sooooo worth it.

Easy peasy

Then I decided to make a fancy lattice top for the pie which I had done before on an apple pie but...totally forgot the apple pie was COLD when I put the lattice top on so it was pretty easy to do. The cherry pies filling was NOT cold it was luke warm but apparently thats still warm enough to melt the lattice topping and I had melted & broken strips all over making it impossible to do nicely.  Luckily there was leftover crust to cut some stars out of and I covered all my mistakes up making the pie look damn professional when done.  

Lattice in the making

Sugared the top & covered the edges in tinfoil to not burn what little crust I had on the sides (I HATE tons of side crust so I made very little) then it was off to the oven for the pie!

Ready to bake


The filling managed to explode a wee bit but all and all it looked pretty darn good for my first cherry pie which I shared with my man and his family that evening!

Get the recipe here:

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