Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant...Bullshit!

Baby kicks are a truly amazing & awesome feeling, yet can be oddly painful at times especially when they give you a few nice swift kicks in the ribs! 

I'll never understand how anyone could say 
"I didn't know I was pregnant" 

Getting such big feet to kick mommy with!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pregnancy Heartburn Mania

Ok, this heartburn crap is HORRIBLE!
Did not experience this with my first pregnancy so it's kinda shitty to deal with this pregnancy side effect now.

I"ve eaten soooo many TUMS and just cant get much relief what-so-ever. Cry cry whine whine boo-whooo for the pregnant lady.

TUMS = tastes yummy but works only a little

  This ordeal is totally driving me BaNaNaS and keeps me awake all night. I have to sleep sitting up with pillows all around me on the couch if I want to get any sleep. Lets just say I'm a mega crabby bitch these days. Poor Jason, he's being real nice about my mood swings tho. 
What a great guy I got!

Now, I'm gonna go cry in the corner for a wee bit.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

26 Weeks - Glucose Testing & Ultrasound #2

Was super duper nervous yet extremely excited for this OB appointment!

Back in 1995 I honestly didn't remember doing a glucose test during my pregnancy so I was pretty anxious today...but it was no problem in the end.

Worst part of the doctor visit was pissing in a cup like you always do. Seems to be getting more difficult each time due to my expanding belly I suppose! Sorry to the lab techs who have to deal with my semi pissed on sample. My bad. My weight only went up a few pounds to 212 lbs. unlike last visit which I had amazingly gained 10 pounds in a month, wowza huh. Maybe I should blame it on the cheesecake I made love to with my mouth last month?!

The glucose test consisted of a sugary orange drink in a small plastic bottle which I had to drink down within 4 minutes or so. Took me 1 min to chug it and honestly it was totally delicious! Then off to get my second ultrasound I was to finally find out the sex of our baby, wore some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in "Lightening" yellow for the occasion! 

Is it a Girl or Boy?

Personally I think it's so comfy and out of this world getting an ultrasound. The experience is one to not be forgotten, even got to see a 4D video image of the baby moving inside me and got a few 3D pics to share with family & friends! Mind you I did have a full bladder which I was worried about since they like to press down on your belly in the weirdest of spots to get a clear view of the wee one inside, but all went well and now we know the gender of our bundle of joy which we're still keeping a secret from people just because it's pretty fun to do a special picture or have a party to reveal it. Thanks pinterest for all the ideas, lol!


3D image of face & umbilical cord

3D image of face & hands, almost peace signing us!

After all the fun I visited with my doctor for around 10 minutes total! A few quick questions then she measured my belly, listened to the heartbeat then sent me to the lab to get my blood drawn for the end of the glucose testing. After that, out of the blue, I got a rhoGAM shot in the butt due to me having a negative blood type. Fun times, I'll get another after the baby is born as well. It was more of a surprise then anything so yeah.

It was a long OB appointment but got a ton of things checked off the pregnancy "To Do" list today! 

Now I wait nervously for the test results...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Baby Bump - 25 Weeks

I'm 25 weeks pregnant!

"SkatefulDead" mural by Chris Dyer

First official photo of the baby bump but we took it sooooo damn far away, it doesn't really show how bump-a-licious I look lol. Tried to zoom in on me belly but it's a bit fuzzy. Oh well, lesson learned...