Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pregnancy Heartburn Mania

Ok, this heartburn crap is HORRIBLE!
Did not experience this with my first pregnancy so it's kinda shitty to deal with this pregnancy side effect now.

I"ve eaten soooo many TUMS and just cant get much relief what-so-ever. Cry cry whine whine boo-whooo for the pregnant lady.

TUMS = tastes yummy but works only a little

  This ordeal is totally driving me BaNaNaS and keeps me awake all night. I have to sleep sitting up with pillows all around me on the couch if I want to get any sleep. Lets just say I'm a mega crabby bitch these days. Poor Jason, he's being real nice about my mood swings tho. 
What a great guy I got!

Now, I'm gonna go cry in the corner for a wee bit.....

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