Thursday, September 10, 2015

Itchy Feet & Ankles

It's starting to drive me bat shit crazy!
This dreaded foot and ankle itching, which I experienced back in 1995 with my first pregnancy, has returned... ahhhhhh! 

No matter what kind or how much moisturizer I apply to them this pesky itch resides deep beneath, bullying me to reach down and scratch scratch scratch till I drop. Then the guilt hits. 

How my feet feel - cRaZy Itchy

Am I losing my mind? 
Feels like a nightmare.

This can keep me up for hours and hours and hours, making me lifeless and cranky the next day. Swollen and sore feet do not help the case but yet I catch myself doing it over and over time after time. Tisk tisk.

It eventually subsides (on a good night that is) and has been getting less annoying since I've started using pure shea butter and just concentrate on zoning out while reading the pretty interesting book by Hugh Howey "Sand Omnibus" which gets my mind on something else besides the evil itch, all propped up on the couch in the wee hours since I usually have heartburn as well. lol

Fun times...

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