Tuesday, September 15, 2015

32 Weeks - Ultrasound #3

This ultrasound didn't go as smooth as my last two, I've been feeling icky and super tired lately due to heartburn and lack of sleep, possibly getting the flu as well. About 5 minutes into the ultrasound I was feeling faint, sweaty and sorta sick which the lady noticed and told me to turn on my left side which immediately made me feel a whole lot better! Kinda embarrassing and scary but I'm sure it happens often. Didn't get the best ultrasound pics this time around but what do you expect. Guess this is why you shouldn't sleep on your back at night when pregnant. 

I was told the baby is growing fast and my due date has been upped to October 26th now instead of November 9th, whoa! 

We could end up having a Halloween baby perhaps?!

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