Friday, October 30, 2015

Pregnancy Cravings - Hot Cocoa & Popsicles

Sooo, I am VERY pregnant and have been on a kick of drinking hot chocolaty cocoa at midnight and eating cold & fruity popsicles all day!

Highly recommend the "Outshine" popsicles, a wee bit spendy but seriously damn good and so far every flavor is kick ass but the LIME is my fave.
Cherry, Grape & Tangerine = Mmmmmm as well

If funds are tight the "Budget Saver" Monster Pops in a slushed lemon-lime flavor at walmart in a huge bag are dirt cheap and taste pretty darn good for the cost! I don't recommend the mango flavor. 

Any Hot Cocoa mix works in my opinion...
I'm so not picky about that currently but if you know any kinds that are super delicious post them in a comment below, I'd love to check them out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

38 Weeks - Birth Plan

Weight 223 lbs
Dilated 3 cms

This week my blood pressure is pretty high, just great. Things have really started to bother me like ALL blankets aggravating my skin & the itchynessszzz is still here and just freaking ridiculous now - I'm a madd woman beneath my skin but try not to itch much = very hard. Forgot to mention the obvious but all my clothes feel about to burst open at any moment, POP! I can see why comfy caftan dresses & hippie kurta tops would make a kick ass pregnancy wardrobe. Note for next time & note for my sewing machine.

(Totally wanted to do a cute "Ready to Pop" belly pic of me blowing a bubble but haven't got the chance yet. Pinterest oh how I love thy ideas!)

Today my nurse & I admired the fact we both had on some groovy Chuck Taylors. Bragging about the colors we had and want Dr. D asked "Are those Converse All Stars?" hahaaa then he told us he wore them in basketball back in his school days. Classic shoes loved by all! Nice moment between us all then the realization of why I'm here in the first place hit...The Dr. & I are pretty much getting ready to decide what to do if I don't naturally deliver baby by his initial November 9th due date. The thought of getting induced or arranging a date for C-section birth is nerve-wracking! Heck I'm kinda super freaked to just deliver the baby period, oh crap...

I'm still convinced the wee man will come out when he's ready.
Fingers crossed anyway.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baby Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

It's been months since we've found out the gender of the baby and we've managed to keep it a secret from A LOT of people for this long. 
So here it is....

It's a BOY!

Awww Mommy is so happy

 Had to tell Jason's parents back in August just because and I stayed up all night making a teal cake with nuts on the top (how fitting) for the occasion. I thought it was very clever lol. Ended up feeling like poo the next day so I stayed home & never made it to the farm to share the news with his parents but Jason's friend did yeaaa! Yes, I'm sure everyone pooped green the next day cause I did and I only had a few slivers of the cake from evening it out to frost it - SORRY everyone, damn colored cake batters. 

Daddy to be Jason, Grandpa to be Dewy and Jasons pal Jay!

Don't get me wrong I planned on getting some sort of cute gender reveal picture done weeks ago but I've been so miserable and tired so nothing has got done on my behalf. The itching, weird sleeping patterns and numb as hell hands has really thrown me for a loop and I feel like a pile of poo most days. Still have a shit ton of items to photo and get listed in my tie dye Etsy shop but bending over to get shots of the new items on the deck is well, a bit difficult to say with this ever growing belly and when I sit at the computer for a long period to fix pics and list items my legs swell up and get itchy making me super yeaaaaaaa. Got an exercise ball under my desk to rest my legs on but that doesn't seem to help much..but does help a bit. 

We love our birch tree!

Last weekend we painted the blocks with goods bought at a Michaels Arts & Craft store to reveal the sex of our wee one with fun neon paints - sooo Halloweenie huh?! Took a few coats but was fun to do even with my numb hands lol. After thinking about it I wish I would of used glow in the dark paints! Doh, might have to repaint them later just cause that would be cute all glowy and lighting up the baby room.

Painting the blocks
Having fun with leaves

We are super excited to be having a baby boy!
His name is still a secret...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

37 Weeks - Cervix Exam

At 37+ weeks pregnant this was my second weekly OB/GYN appointment with the new Doc (Dr. D.) Having no idea what to expect, for I most definitely forgotten what the low down was 20 years ago when I was last pregnant, I was a bit scared as usual cause these last few weeks of pregnancy checkups are well...icky, as if I'm not in enough discomfort already!

Peed in a cup again, it gets harder and harder with these numb hands but thankfully I haven't dropped the cup in the toilet yet lol. Weighed in at 224 lbs. gained a whoppin 4 pounds since last week! Ahhhh I can tell the baby is growing since my tummy is super tight and getting itchy now. With as much itching issues I've had during pregnancy my tummy hasn't been to itchy until now. Measured my belly & listened to baby's heartbeat as usual.

Then the dreaded Cervix Exam!
No one likes when the doc shoves his fingers in your who-ha but I suppose it's necessary to check things out and it's nice there is a woman nurse in the room always so I don't feel super uncomfortable about the whole situation. Not gonna lie it's a wee bit painful to get the pelvic/cervix exam especially when you don't realize your gonna get it but I did find out I'm 2 centimeters dilated already, whoa!!! Guess my body is totally ready for this, gulp! 

After the appointment I headed to Walgreens to get yet more lotion for my stretched out and itchy skin and low and behold my dang flip flop busted out between the toe area! Ahhhh. I already waddle around when I walk so trying to drag one shoe on my foot to get through the shopping trip was an embarrassing pain in the ass and then I was starting to feel a bit icky and forgot to buy a few important things (like laundry detergent) just so I could go home and chill. I'm sure I looked real cool after I took my flip flop off and just walked around with one shoe on and one shoe off. Oh me oh my.

Got home and took a needed pee & totally freaked when I saw a slimy brown discharge (possibly mucus plug or aka bloody mess) and brown blood on the TP! Dr. D or the nurse didn't bother to let me know this could happen so I run to google this horrible discovery and find out myself it's a normal thing that can happen after a vaginal exam for a day or two. PHEW, thought I was ready to give birth already and gosh darn I'm so not ready in actuality for that, yet I should be. It is a positive sign that labor is preparing to happen soon tho!  

What a wake up call!

That night we installed the baby seat in my car, just in case and got some gender reveal pics finally taken to share on FB with our friends and family.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

37 Weeks - Baby Bump

37 weeks pregnant already and boy does it show!

Baby Bump in the flesh

Thought I should just go for it and show my belly in it's real flesh and stretch marked state, even tho you can't see much stretch marks in these pics for some reason, believe me I have some. Planning on doing some fun henna on me belly before the due date approaches. It will be interesting to see the deflated henna design after I give birth lol.

Fuzzy wuzzy side shot

Got a cute gender reveal photo shot planned for tomorrow to share on FB with my friends and family f-i-n-a-l-l-y. I made them wait soooo long. Sorry. Been so super busy this weekend getting the props painted for that even tho I still have very numb hands = carpal tunnel uuugh. My awesome friend Ash sent us a huge rainbow handmade baby blanket a few days ago and we LOVE it and know the wee one will enjoy it for many years to come! Thinking I'm gonna bring it to the hospital with us to add a pop of color to the scene <3

Colorful Baby blanket gift

9 days until our due date or 2 weeks max until we get possibly induced. 
Time keeps on slippin' into the future...

Oh, and thankfully I tested NEGATIVE for the GBS test!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

36 Weeks - Group B Strep Test

Today was the day I met my new doctor (Dr. D) since my old one (Dr. A) has gone on maternity leave out of the blue. Even the nurses at the clinic said she kept the pregnancy info. from them for a while, dang! Oh well I was real happy with how informative he was with my questions and I actually spent a lot of time with him for a first visit. Yeaaah, totally feeling comfortable delivering with him, he has many years of experience which is a plus since my last pregnancy had some complications that are effecting my current pregnancy. 

Peed in a cup prior to meeting with him and weighed in at 220 lbs. He measured my belly and listened to baby's heartbeat as usual. Then I had to get the group B strep test done tho which is sorta embarrassing since I'm just meeting him but totally important. Luckily there was a nurse in the room with him so I felt more comfortable flashing my goods, especially since I don't remember even what the procedure would be to get the GBS testing done. After 20 years of not being preggo you totally forget shit ya know! Read a little about it and it said you'd get a vaginal swab and rectal swab done...yuck no bueno. Ended up getting only a vaginal swab with two huge Q-tips. It was a wee bit uncomfortable but was over before I knew it, thank my goddess. I'll find out the results of the testing in 2 days or so. He then checked my uterus which was a bit uncomfortable and out of the blue but I found out it's already thinning which apparently is a good thing so close to my due date. The babys butt is in an upward position (like in my damn ribs lol) and hasn't dropped yet so all is going smooth! Wooo-whooo!

After all the fun testing I had to get a flu shot which I was majorly overdue for. I was kinda scared of the needle of course but then it was done. Geez what a pussy I can be in my mind. It did burn a wee bit tonight and I fell asleep early but thankful I got it and it's done with. 

Now to nervously wait for the GBS test results....

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pregnancy Heartburn RELIEF

Wish I would of gotten these heartburn pills sooner cause they works wonders and taste yummy too! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Omeprazole is the bomb!

Now I just have to deal with this horribly 24/7 numbness in my hands and yes, still itchy from head to toe regardless what lotion I use or how much I cover up and try to get my mind off the itch. Still, so darn glad the heartburn has subsided ahhhhhhh relief at last! 

Finished up my huge custom order and got some negative feedback on it, which made me crabby. I hate to make my customers upset but the feedback was pretty much not my fault to start with since some items he sent to me ended up not fitting him and I used a color he does not like on some pieces, yet he never told me that very important information when I asked about colors wanted and not wanted in the first place so I'm confused. This is the life of a tie dye artist honestly lol. Oh well, sorry, can't win them all over.

Now I'm finishing up a small custom tie dye Geode order for an Etsy customer, which is getting tricky due to the hand numbness. Made 4 different tee shirt styles & colors of the design for her to choose from so hopefully she totally digs one and will be happy! 

UPDATE! She chose the groovy rainbow geode

Weirdly, I may have yet another custom tie dye order to do this month after all, just can't stop dying I guess. It's a fun sounding 12 piece custom dying project for a friend and her Mommy blog line of "Crabby Pants". I can't pass up the opportunity so my hands better cooperate! Doing a trial on a pair of leggings I have in stock now, wish me luck.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

35 Weeks - Goodbye Old Doctor

Quick appointment today with some out of the blue news...

First off, my heartburn is out of control and it's keeping me up all night along with the numb hands and itchyness, so I had to vent a bit to Dr. A and see if she could help a girl out of this mess lol. Apparently I may have carpal tunnel, which is common to get the last trimester but not much I can actually do for relief about it but elevate and possibly get wrist sprints if necessary....nope don't wanna tho. One more order to do and hopefully I can retire my hands for tie dying until after delivery. It's a bitch trying to sleep, shower, cook, get my drift. 

I did finish The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

Peed in a cup, weighed in at 218 lbs. She measured my belly and listened to baby's heartbeat as usual. Easy peasy.

For the horrible heartburn prilosec (omeprazole) was recommended and I am switching to it TODAY! No more Tums and lack of relief, I've had it up to here with the darn tootin' misery! Hope it helps for I am in pain daily & nightly with all these crummy pregnancy side effects. Got some yummy wildberry mint flavor crap which I took instantly, Can take 1 - 4 days to kick in so here goes nothing...

The out of the blue news is:
 my doctor is going on maternity in a week! 

She failed to even tell me she was pregnant. My last appointment I thought I saw a wee little baby bump on her but never in a million years thought she would be so far along. Everyone knows, even pregnant women, not to ask someone if their pregnant so I never asked her just in case but this news shocked me and kind of frustrated me since I'm now due October 26th which is super duper soon and need to get to know a totally different OB doc, which is also a man now I really wanted a chick doc this time around but heck. Oh well, if I added up all the minutes in all my appointments I've talked to her it's probably only been a total of 40 minutes anyway but gee wiz, what a change for me to deal with the last month of being pregnant. 

Meeting my new OB doctor in two weeks at my next appointment. 
Supposedly he's a "big teddy bear" as she says, what the hizzle lol.