Wednesday, October 28, 2015

38 Weeks - Birth Plan

Weight 223 lbs
Dilated 3 cms

This week my blood pressure is pretty high, just great. Things have really started to bother me like ALL blankets aggravating my skin & the itchynessszzz is still here and just freaking ridiculous now - I'm a madd woman beneath my skin but try not to itch much = very hard. Forgot to mention the obvious but all my clothes feel about to burst open at any moment, POP! I can see why comfy caftan dresses & hippie kurta tops would make a kick ass pregnancy wardrobe. Note for next time & note for my sewing machine.

(Totally wanted to do a cute "Ready to Pop" belly pic of me blowing a bubble but haven't got the chance yet. Pinterest oh how I love thy ideas!)

Today my nurse & I admired the fact we both had on some groovy Chuck Taylors. Bragging about the colors we had and want Dr. D asked "Are those Converse All Stars?" hahaaa then he told us he wore them in basketball back in his school days. Classic shoes loved by all! Nice moment between us all then the realization of why I'm here in the first place hit...The Dr. & I are pretty much getting ready to decide what to do if I don't naturally deliver baby by his initial November 9th due date. The thought of getting induced or arranging a date for C-section birth is nerve-wracking! Heck I'm kinda super freaked to just deliver the baby period, oh crap...

I'm still convinced the wee man will come out when he's ready.
Fingers crossed anyway.

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