Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baby Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

It's been months since we've found out the gender of the baby and we've managed to keep it a secret from A LOT of people for this long. 
So here it is....

It's a BOY!

Awww Mommy is so happy

 Had to tell Jason's parents back in August just because and I stayed up all night making a teal cake with nuts on the top (how fitting) for the occasion. I thought it was very clever lol. Ended up feeling like poo the next day so I stayed home & never made it to the farm to share the news with his parents but Jason's friend did yeaaa! Yes, I'm sure everyone pooped green the next day cause I did and I only had a few slivers of the cake from evening it out to frost it - SORRY everyone, damn colored cake batters. 

Daddy to be Jason, Grandpa to be Dewy and Jasons pal Jay!

Don't get me wrong I planned on getting some sort of cute gender reveal picture done weeks ago but I've been so miserable and tired so nothing has got done on my behalf. The itching, weird sleeping patterns and numb as hell hands has really thrown me for a loop and I feel like a pile of poo most days. Still have a shit ton of items to photo and get listed in my tie dye Etsy shop but bending over to get shots of the new items on the deck is well, a bit difficult to say with this ever growing belly and when I sit at the computer for a long period to fix pics and list items my legs swell up and get itchy making me super yeaaaaaaa. Got an exercise ball under my desk to rest my legs on but that doesn't seem to help much..but does help a bit. 

We love our birch tree!

Last weekend we painted the blocks with goods bought at a Michaels Arts & Craft store to reveal the sex of our wee one with fun neon paints - sooo Halloweenie huh?! Took a few coats but was fun to do even with my numb hands lol. After thinking about it I wish I would of used glow in the dark paints! Doh, might have to repaint them later just cause that would be cute all glowy and lighting up the baby room.

Painting the blocks
Having fun with leaves

We are super excited to be having a baby boy!
His name is still a secret...

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