Wednesday, October 21, 2015

37 Weeks - Cervix Exam

At 37+ weeks pregnant this was my second weekly OB/GYN appointment with the new Doc (Dr. D.) Having no idea what to expect, for I most definitely forgotten what the low down was 20 years ago when I was last pregnant, I was a bit scared as usual cause these last few weeks of pregnancy checkups are well...icky, as if I'm not in enough discomfort already!

Peed in a cup again, it gets harder and harder with these numb hands but thankfully I haven't dropped the cup in the toilet yet lol. Weighed in at 224 lbs. gained a whoppin 4 pounds since last week! Ahhhh I can tell the baby is growing since my tummy is super tight and getting itchy now. With as much itching issues I've had during pregnancy my tummy hasn't been to itchy until now. Measured my belly & listened to baby's heartbeat as usual.

Then the dreaded Cervix Exam!
No one likes when the doc shoves his fingers in your who-ha but I suppose it's necessary to check things out and it's nice there is a woman nurse in the room always so I don't feel super uncomfortable about the whole situation. Not gonna lie it's a wee bit painful to get the pelvic/cervix exam especially when you don't realize your gonna get it but I did find out I'm 2 centimeters dilated already, whoa!!! Guess my body is totally ready for this, gulp! 

After the appointment I headed to Walgreens to get yet more lotion for my stretched out and itchy skin and low and behold my dang flip flop busted out between the toe area! Ahhhh. I already waddle around when I walk so trying to drag one shoe on my foot to get through the shopping trip was an embarrassing pain in the ass and then I was starting to feel a bit icky and forgot to buy a few important things (like laundry detergent) just so I could go home and chill. I'm sure I looked real cool after I took my flip flop off and just walked around with one shoe on and one shoe off. Oh me oh my.

Got home and took a needed pee & totally freaked when I saw a slimy brown discharge (possibly mucus plug or aka bloody mess) and brown blood on the TP! Dr. D or the nurse didn't bother to let me know this could happen so I run to google this horrible discovery and find out myself it's a normal thing that can happen after a vaginal exam for a day or two. PHEW, thought I was ready to give birth already and gosh darn I'm so not ready in actuality for that, yet I should be. It is a positive sign that labor is preparing to happen soon tho!  

What a wake up call!

That night we installed the baby seat in my car, just in case and got some gender reveal pics finally taken to share on FB with our friends and family.

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