Wednesday, October 14, 2015

36 Weeks - Group B Strep Test

Today was the day I met my new doctor (Dr. D) since my old one (Dr. A) has gone on maternity leave out of the blue. Even the nurses at the clinic said she kept the pregnancy info. from them for a while, dang! Oh well I was real happy with how informative he was with my questions and I actually spent a lot of time with him for a first visit. Yeaaah, totally feeling comfortable delivering with him, he has many years of experience which is a plus since my last pregnancy had some complications that are effecting my current pregnancy. 

Peed in a cup prior to meeting with him and weighed in at 220 lbs. He measured my belly and listened to baby's heartbeat as usual. Then I had to get the group B strep test done tho which is sorta embarrassing since I'm just meeting him but totally important. Luckily there was a nurse in the room with him so I felt more comfortable flashing my goods, especially since I don't remember even what the procedure would be to get the GBS testing done. After 20 years of not being preggo you totally forget shit ya know! Read a little about it and it said you'd get a vaginal swab and rectal swab done...yuck no bueno. Ended up getting only a vaginal swab with two huge Q-tips. It was a wee bit uncomfortable but was over before I knew it, thank my goddess. I'll find out the results of the testing in 2 days or so. He then checked my uterus which was a bit uncomfortable and out of the blue but I found out it's already thinning which apparently is a good thing so close to my due date. The babys butt is in an upward position (like in my damn ribs lol) and hasn't dropped yet so all is going smooth! Wooo-whooo!

After all the fun testing I had to get a flu shot which I was majorly overdue for. I was kinda scared of the needle of course but then it was done. Geez what a pussy I can be in my mind. It did burn a wee bit tonight and I fell asleep early but thankful I got it and it's done with. 

Now to nervously wait for the GBS test results....

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