Thursday, October 1, 2015

35 Weeks - Goodbye Old Doctor

Quick appointment today with some out of the blue news...

First off, my heartburn is out of control and it's keeping me up all night along with the numb hands and itchyness, so I had to vent a bit to Dr. A and see if she could help a girl out of this mess lol. Apparently I may have carpal tunnel, which is common to get the last trimester but not much I can actually do for relief about it but elevate and possibly get wrist sprints if necessary....nope don't wanna tho. One more order to do and hopefully I can retire my hands for tie dying until after delivery. It's a bitch trying to sleep, shower, cook, get my drift. 

I did finish The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

Peed in a cup, weighed in at 218 lbs. She measured my belly and listened to baby's heartbeat as usual. Easy peasy.

For the horrible heartburn prilosec (omeprazole) was recommended and I am switching to it TODAY! No more Tums and lack of relief, I've had it up to here with the darn tootin' misery! Hope it helps for I am in pain daily & nightly with all these crummy pregnancy side effects. Got some yummy wildberry mint flavor crap which I took instantly, Can take 1 - 4 days to kick in so here goes nothing...

The out of the blue news is:
 my doctor is going on maternity in a week! 

She failed to even tell me she was pregnant. My last appointment I thought I saw a wee little baby bump on her but never in a million years thought she would be so far along. Everyone knows, even pregnant women, not to ask someone if their pregnant so I never asked her just in case but this news shocked me and kind of frustrated me since I'm now due October 26th which is super duper soon and need to get to know a totally different OB doc, which is also a man now I really wanted a chick doc this time around but heck. Oh well, if I added up all the minutes in all my appointments I've talked to her it's probably only been a total of 40 minutes anyway but gee wiz, what a change for me to deal with the last month of being pregnant. 

Meeting my new OB doctor in two weeks at my next appointment. 
Supposedly he's a "big teddy bear" as she says, what the hizzle lol.

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