Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pregnancy Heartburn RELIEF

Wish I would of gotten these heartburn pills sooner cause they works wonders and taste yummy too! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Omeprazole is the bomb!

Now I just have to deal with this horribly 24/7 numbness in my hands and yes, still itchy from head to toe regardless what lotion I use or how much I cover up and try to get my mind off the itch. Still, so darn glad the heartburn has subsided ahhhhhhh relief at last! 

Finished up my huge custom order and got some negative feedback on it, which made me crabby. I hate to make my customers upset but the feedback was pretty much not my fault to start with since some items he sent to me ended up not fitting him and I used a color he does not like on some pieces, yet he never told me that very important information when I asked about colors wanted and not wanted in the first place so I'm confused. This is the life of a tie dye artist honestly lol. Oh well, sorry, can't win them all over.

Now I'm finishing up a small custom tie dye Geode order for an Etsy customer, which is getting tricky due to the hand numbness. Made 4 different tee shirt styles & colors of the design for her to choose from so hopefully she totally digs one and will be happy! 

UPDATE! She chose the groovy rainbow geode

Weirdly, I may have yet another custom tie dye order to do this month after all, just can't stop dying I guess. It's a fun sounding 12 piece custom dying project for a friend and her Mommy blog line of "Crabby Pants". I can't pass up the opportunity so my hands better cooperate! Doing a trial on a pair of leggings I have in stock now, wish me luck.

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