Monday, November 23, 2015

11 Year Anniversary

Can't believe it's been 11 years since Jason & I have started dating. Here's a super RARE picture of us wearing our boring white drywall work hoodies at the Bowler the first night we started going out. 

First date 2004

We've definitely brightened up each others lives!

Got some rad flowers and my favorite Carol Widmans dark chocolate raspberry jelly flavored sticks along with some delish coconut candies I'd never tried before & of course some well needed champagne! Can you say this mama is SPOLIED?

Silas has gotten a wee bit easier to care for but still is hungry all the time it seems like. Had an up the back poopy diaper blowout, got pissed on & spit up on tons so I've officially been accepted into motherhood properly.

awww holding his paci already!

 Lucky to get one good scrub down shower in a week these days, so that's weird. Most of my day consists of walking around with only a sports bra & skirt/dress on due to constant feedings & pumping sessions. I need to get in the habit of closing the curtains more...bummer.  

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