Tuesday, November 3, 2015

39 Weeks - Stress Test & Eviction Notice

Weight 224 lbs
Dilated 3 Cms

Blood pressure is still pretty high so the Dr. skipped listening to his heartbeat and decided to give me a stress test. First time I've ever needed one with both my pregnancy's so it made me super-duper-nervous. The test took around 30 minutes maybe a bit longer and it honestly was very uncomfortable...@#$%. They make you SQUEEZE on this abnormally tight meshy belly band and stick monitors in the most uncomfy areas to get the heart rate of baby with this print out machine that looked like 80s technology lol. I oddly laid there and read magazines poking and prodding at the damn monitors for what felt like 5 hours. In the end everything was fine and dandy and off I went waddling to the bathroom to pee, amazed I didn't piss myself. I got a pic of my after belly dents but lost it, need to look for that cause its totally weird. 

 Looooong appt. today. First off I waited in the waiting room for at least 20 minutes, it was busy with many pregnant ladies around. Freaking February baby makers in love <3 By the looks of it the hospital is gonna be super full when I deliver. Just great...

This evening at home I'm felling great, no bleeding & I'm not tired as crap from the pelvic exam earlier and had a fun idea to take a pic of my 39 week preggo belly with an eviction notice on it for this lil' dude. It's been decided that November 9th I have plans to be induced if he doesn't come out on his own. I'm almost a "Born again first time Mom" (Thanks for this term Sarah!) Yikes & wowza, nervous of the news but glad there's finally a plan in order. The eviction notice took me forever to make and print out since my printshop and printer are straight up wacko at working normally but I' impressed with the outcome, it's pretty hilarious & totally cute.

Just need to get a bright orange shirt that fits to wear and I'll get a photo of my humongous ready to pop baby belly with the quirky eviction notice above stuck on the side. Should be pretty rad. 

I'll let him chill in peace tonight before I break the news to him...

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