Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby's First Doctor Appointment

Silas is 9 days old & got his first checkup today!
It's also Friday the 13th....

Grandma & Grandpa S. stopped by to visit us since they live out of town and had an appointment in town themselves. For some reason Silas was all perfect and sleeping for them after Daddy & I have been having one hell of a stressful & sleepless week so far, go figure! 


His checkup went awesome and we were curious if he'd gained or lost weight. Born at 9 lbs 6 oz and now he weighs 9 lbs 11oz, what a healthy lil' man! Ended the Dr. visit by taking a crap in the room with the Dr. there, oh Silas lol. Since he is doing so good we get to skip his 2 month appointment in December and come back in January 2016.

First Dr. trip!

All an all a wonderful day.
Will I get some sleep tonight?
Is the ultimate question tho...

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