Monday, November 9, 2015

Blood Pressure Check

No problems huh?!
Forget that, I was wrong.

Sunday & today were an absolute DRAIN! A 20 year gap between having babies and knowing how to care for them physically & emotionally is not like riding a bike, my bad. Practice is needed when you go this long, in my experience so far. The crying, the lack of sleep, the 24/7 nursing & pumping & the diaper changing, all while I'm still bleeding like crazy from the delivery. It's all come back to me now. The constant need from your newborn is no joke. My old brain isn't use to the high pitched cries of a baby anymore an a massive headache has formed. Breastfeeding has turned into a never-ending battle. I feel like Silas isn't getting enough food to peacefully get him full & sleepy. The whole house is suffering from his lack of sleep, even the cats!

To top these first few days of new parenting off I had to stop in the clinic this evening and get my blood pressure checked. Was totally freaking out that it would be sky high due to all the stress I've been enduring at home but luckily it was pretty good. Yeaaaah! Wasn't looking forward to having to get on blood pressure pills at my age. I got enough issues lol.

It's been worth the suffering though for Silas is super snuggly and amazing to stare at! Oh, and I finally got a well needed shower...

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