Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Contractions = Delivery Day: Happy Birthday Silas Layne!

Holy heck I think I'm having contractions "ahh-ArrRggGhh" 
Is today really the day?! 

Woke up at 7am with horrible cramps. Totally not thinking it was D-day at all, just that nasty after feeling you may experience after getting a pelvic exam, as I did yesterday. Then the pain kept on and on all damn morning...

By noon I was freaking out for sure and knew this was it. I was most definitely having contractions, mild yet sharply painful almost paralyzing for a second....puke. In my opinion contractions are the worst part of having a baby. Trying super hard to be cool, calm & keep things under control while I suffered through them for 5 hours, counting the time apart while packing my hospital bags between the pain. Yes I said I was still packing...HA this is why you should have your bags packed and ready people. Tip of the day.

Eventually I couldn't walk and had made a new home on our bed pressing my head against the wall maybe trying to push through to another realm where I was not about to give birth, I dunno? It was crazy but seemed to give me some sort of odd relief at that moment. Finally broke down and called the clinic to confirm that I'm-in-freakin labor. yada yada yada ended up having to wait for a nurse to call me back?? whaaaa-t-ever ok then sure.

Sent a text to Jason at 1:11pm 
"You might need to come home asap"

Luckily he got off work early and was grabbing a few groceries at Hornbachers just a couple minutes away. My car also wasn't ready for this trip. Once Jason got home he needed to go fill my bug up with gas AND fill my ever leaking two passenger side tires up with air (one which is a spare mind you) lolololol whatthehellLila. OK nooooow we're off to the hospital! Lets do this!

We drove around the Sanford building once & got all flustered plus more nervous realizing neither of us actually knew where to go let alone park. Our brains finally reappeared after I cringed in pain a few more times as the contractions got closer and closer, feeling like I was about to push baby Silas out right here, right least I was close to Sanford. Jason pulled up to the entry and got a wheelchair ready for me cause by this time I was not diggin' the idea of walking around, anywhere. Nope. Seemed like forever from home to hospital but I was finally here and this was really happening!

 Felt like a million nurses kept checking how much I was dilating which stayed at 4 cms for hours. Eventually I was given a block which would last two hours for the damn pain. That helped sooooo much & I felt at peace.

At peace to birth Silas!

Soon I was at 6 cms once given this wild peanut ball to put between my legs while laying on my side. Waiting, waiting, waiting to dilate, wish I would of chilled out more and listened to music or something cause before you know it was 2 hours later and the block wore off. I was freaking out a wee bit while the contractions & pain returned, worse then ever. For the next half hour I asked for an epideral and finally the chick who administers them came in to give me one of the wonderful shots of glorious bliss but had to leave asap to help a patient who was having a bad reaction to an epiderial she just gave. What? Huh? Fuck. Shoot. Oucccchy goddammit then & quickly the dreamland I was living in faded away. All of a sudden I was dilated enough and the nurses called the Dr. in to get this birthing party started...NATURALLY!

Oh shit. I thought, this was not my plan and I was so scared but somehow managed to pop Silas out in a half an hour. Yes, it hurt of course. Holding back your legs and trying to squeeze out a human being is not easy but the moment he was pushed free was a truly amazing experience!

Weirdly positioned mirrors on the ceiling helped me see some things I honestly didn't need to see but yea...I saw. Wish I would of been looking at Jasons face more though cause I'm sure he saw plenty too. Once you deliver your baby you have to push out the placenta as well, which may weight as much as your baby. Silas was born 9lbs 6ozs so the placenta required a wee bit of pushing to get out & along with the pesky Dr. squishing my stomach this made it kinda painful, especially after the tiring delivery I experienced. Must of faded off a bit when Jason cut the umbilical cord cause I totally don't recall that - phooey. He said his hands were shaking like cRaZy! Awww nervous new daddy. 

Pretty much the way I saw it happening

 I remember Silas on the warming table surrounded by nurses sucking the mucus out of him for an abnormally long time while the Dr. urged me to keep pushing. He kept pushing on my tummy more and more with force this time frantically telling me I need to pass these blood clots or I'd have to end up going into surgery to get them removed. WOW - what the hell was going on here now. I thought the hard stuff was over but nope. Once I did pass the clots I saw the look of one of the nurses whose face turned white as a ghost & she made a frightening noise. Guess it was gross, luckily I didn't see any of this in the ceiling mirrors. The nurse apologized after and said that part always makes her stomach turn if it happens. derrr

Silas was still on the warming table but was soon ready to lay on my chest finally getting the bonding skin on skin time an hour and a half after delivering him. Seemed like a long time to wait....

I'm in LOVE!

While we were bonding I could feel the slight pain of being stitched up down there by my Dr. and a med student whom was getting lectured at the time. Very amusing but sort of scary when you think about it. Hopefully they did a good job or else hehehee. Only a few minor tears happened - unlike my last pregnancy. Was pleased with this info, no one wants to be told they hella ripped open after giving birth and since Silas (9lbs 6 ozs) was bigger then Gage (8 lbs 12 ozs) I was pretty impressed with my va-jay-jay power this time around!

Since I had some blood clots I had to get a shot in my upper thigh which ultimately gave me a mega wicked case of diarrhea. Thank my goddess it started after our family paid us a visit. 

Grandma L. & Silas

Grandma S. & Silas

Sadly and out of the blue lil' baby Silas was taken to the NICU for he had a slightly elevated temp and needed to get some cultures done on him to make sure he didn't have meningitis. WHAA? I was shocked and terrified with this bullshit sounding news & the thought of him not being able to stay in our room tonight or perhaps any of the nights we spend here. This goes to show you never know whats going to happen or what to expect. Glad I didn't want to give a home birth a chance both Silas & I would of had many difficulties not being near all the helpful hospital staff & medical equipment that helped us get through everything with minor problems. 

We are blessed.

Gotta love those baby feet!

While Jason went back and forth from the NICU & our room I was straight up suffering in pain from the stitches and getting furiously annoyed of pissing out my ass from the clot shot. It sucked! Wasn't feeling very good all night long into the morning hours the next day so I wasn't able to visit Silas in the NICU at all. I felt alone and horrid, missed the little fella bunches. My belly was gone and so was my baby. Sadness crept in and I couldn't get a lick of sleep due to perhaps all the stress. Jason was such an awesome daddy and helped me with everything but he had to go home to shower, take care of our 4 fur babies and get a few zzzzz's himself. I was so hungry by then so I scarfed down an apple & half a cliff bar. Yummmm. My poor red dotted up face still showed the stress of the delivery 7 hours after I gave birth. Crazyness. 

Worth it!

Super Fantastic Day...
tough night all alone. 

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