Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 2 after Birth

To sum this post wasn't much fun most of the day.

Such a stressful morning dealing with no sleep and the aftermath of a shitty night. The apple & cliff bar I ate earlier flew through me like nothing so eating breakfast isn't gonna happen now. No fricken way. Finally getting a hang of changing the massive diaper pad & all the icky fun stuff you need to do to your poor lady part. I clearly remember this fricken BS from my first birth experience. Hated it then and hate it now & can't wait to deal with this joy for weeks...

In the late afternoon I was feeling sort of alright to possibly eat. I ordered room service to start gaining back some strength so I could pay my first visit to Silas in the NICU. Was feeling way better by the evening and finally got to spend time with my adorable lil' man and give breast feeding another try. Our first mini trial after he was born was a success so I was thinking this would be no problem from here on, but that was a lie. He managed to suckle a little here and there every time I came back to feed him but yea...gonna need some practice with this breastfeeding indeed. I formula fed my first son back in 1995 so this is a very new experience for me! Since I couldn't be with Silas that first night I had to start manually expressing my breast milk to get the colostrum and bring what I could with me to the NICU. It was super weird and what they expected me to do with a spoon to get it in the container was ridiculously impossible but I managed to get something and eventually it got kinda easy. Of course everyone on staff happened to walk in every damn time I took a tit out to do this. deeerrrrrrr 

That night Grandma & Grandpa M. came to pay a visit and had to lather up to see Silas in the NICU. They brought a cute flower arrangement along with a fluffy white teddy bear, so adorable! Think I'm gonna use it in his monthly photos to capture how fast he will grow the first year. Awwwww pinterest ideas make me happily wanna puke rainbows. The flowers which were daisies (my fave) were in a baby bottle and made my room smell awesome! Wasn't sure if we could take pics in the NICU so sadly I didn't get any pics with my Dad & baby Silas. Dammit, bummed about that.

The rest of the night was back & forth from NICU and our room for feedings. Tiring to say the least but seeing Silas was blissful. Jason eventually went home to tend to the kitties and gather some goods for the next day. I got very little sleep but managed to get my hunger back and scarfed down bananas and pumpkin bars all night between NICU feeding trips, blood pressure checks, blood draws & housekeeping coming in and out my room during the day and some of the night. It's just not possible to get sleep with all that going on around you. To top it off when I did get to lay down for a short nap my fuckin' bed was noisy as hell keeping me awake. 

Hope we'll get Silas's test results and get to leave tomorrow. I so miss being home in my quiet bed with no nurses or staff around to poke & prod at me lol. Thanks for helping but me go home now yes please. To make things better Jason's parents sent a box of chocolates and a balloon to our room tonight. Sooo yummy and kind! I might share...or not. Hey, I'm trying to regain my strength and need chocolate OK.

I didn't share.

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