Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 3 after Birth

My hands and arms are mega dry due to all the 2 minute hand washing that's necessary to go into the NICU. Swear I've washed 20+ times today. 

Silas is doing super an I've gotten a wee bit better at breastfeeding. 
Wee bit better...wee bit.

Starting to LOVE the room service here and my hunger has returned while the food is finally staying in my belly happily now! Yeahhhhhhh. Hurts to walk around but it is getting easier. All these walks to & from the NICU are helping even though they are painful!

All day long I have been dealing with: 

-blood pressure checks (which have been sky high) 
-another damn blood draw for whatever reason I have no clue 
-feeding sessions at the NICU
-pumping (got an awesomely cute lil' breast pump finally) 
-waiting for room service
-bloody diaper pad changes (yes, for me)
-and TRYING to catch a few zzzzz's in between

It's been exhausting!

Honestly have gotten around 5 hours total of sleep these past 3 days here.
No showers & I'm going a bit cRaZy.

To top it off my freaking hospital bed is still so very loud all day and all night long. Ahhrhrhrgggh. When I can get a lil' nap it wakes me up. !@#$%^&

FU bed
Today Silas got circumcised and that went very good, he's such a lil' trooper! Disappointingly, we won't have any test results back until tomorrow so he has to stay overnight again in the NICU :( Due to my high blood pressure readings I as well will be staying, which works out I guess but it would be nice to go home. 

I'm prepared for another loooong night of NICU feedings, loud bed noises, nurse visits, pumping and quick naps perhaps. No wonder why my blood pressure is through the roof! Doohhh

"There's no place like home"
click (a noise from my bed)
 "There's no place like home"
 "There's no place like home"

ahhh damn didn't work, I'm still in the hospital....

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