Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 4 after Birth

Going home today!
Silas's test results are negative so we'll finally be able to pack up and go home...this evening anyway. My blood pressure is still super high but thankfully I'm getting discharged as well.

No more washing hands a zillion times a day to see my baby, 
surely won't be missing that.

Wee one has to do a car seat check which takes 2 hours or so, dang. Guess they strap him in and make sure he can breath the whole time in the seat. Then we have a diaper changing & bathing session after. It's been a while since I've done either so it's just as new to me as it is to Jason. HAD to rest in bed a ton today which was a pain in the ass but gotta listen to the DR. & nurses I suppose so I can get out of here right? Finally got some uninterrupted sleep, ate good and was up and about with little pain ready to hit the road, patiently waiting forever...then once it finally happened it took literally a minute. Grrrrrrr. 

Here's baby Silas all ready to experience the outside world!

The abnormally beautiful day here in Fargo in November made me appreciate the moment even more! Once we got home & brought Silas in our 4 farm rescue cats were totally freaking out! When Silas cried our oldest cat, Marley, went pSyChO and beat up on our youngest yet largest cat, Specks, for no reason what so ever. It was crazy. Guess the new baby was pissing her off or she thought Specks was making that awful noise. She's such a bully. Freakin' cats! This happened a few more times that night until Marley figured out the new little addition to our family was the one causing all the ruckus. Our other two cats, Smokey & Miss Kitty, hid in the bedroom the rest of the night. 

Other then that we had a super good first night home. I actually got some sleep for Silas slept wonderfully & cried very little. "I got this, no problem" I thought... "This parenting stuffs like riding a bike"

Don't Worry Be Happy now...

Mama & baby

Daddy & baby

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